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Name: Alex Stuart
Hometown: Riverview

Birthdate: 29/05/1992

Favorite events:  Sprints and hurdles, althoguh hurdles are far more fun.

Favorite Athlete: Kevin Young

Your History in the sport: Well, I could start way back since I've been around the sport my entire life, but I think I'll go with a more recent history of my competition years in the sport.

In 2002-2005 I was doing varied ammounts of distance work, which was throughout my junior high school years, just having a time I was provincial number one in that time a few times, but not really much major (Went to the International Children's Games back in 2004, did do very well, but an international meet is an international meet).

The next chapter I'll call 2006-2009, my Legion National years. This story'll take a quick detour to the winter of 2005 when the decision was made that if I wanted a hope at making the Legion team I wasn't gonna do it in distance or with the less than appreciable sum of sprint work in those either. The decision was the 300mh would be my ticket. Eventually after taing the midget 60mh record down (broke it about 8x while in the age group). So in '06 I made said Legion team for a 200m (that I was later DQ'd in, shhh) and went to BC and actually managed to finish 3rd at Nationals in the 300mh (there is a whole story around how I managed that with the 200m qualifying being only 40 mins prior). I proceeded to make the team in the following years hitting standard in anywhere from 3-7 events. The only other major Legion Highlight was in 2009 when our 4x100m team ran a blistering time to finish 3rd, but were DQ'd for an exchange violation.

From here I'll hit the 2009+ chapter which'll be Junior Nats, CSG and the such. In 2009 the Canada Games coaches brought the relay pool together very early so most of the summer revolved around that. On our way to the Games in Charlottetown we went to Junior Nationals we actually managed to earn one of the only Gold medal finishes amoung an NB team has ever earned. At the games we finished 6th in what was then the 2nd fastest relay time ever which stands as the Junior record. In 2010 we brought most of the team back for Junior Nationals in which we finished 3rd as a last hurrah of sorts. From there I took some down time until the winted of 2013 when I decided to try to get back at it, not for the Canada Games, but if it happened I wouldn't have turned it down. I got to the NB provincial meet just 2 weeks before CSG trials and pulled my hamstring to end that season, now here we are.

Short Term Goals: None really, just prepping for outdoors... months ahead of time...

Long Term Goals: It isn't exactly that long of a term goal, but it isn't short term either. I aim for a sub 52.29s in the 400mh, I'd like to say in time for Senior Nats thi summer, but more realistically it may take some more time than that.

Favorite Funny Quote: "Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Most Embarrassing Track moment:
In 2006, at a meet in Chebucto almost 24 hours after my race I was D/Q'd. The head of the meet wasn't willing to receive my appeal since I had sent it in more than 60 minutes after the event, although the official results posted at the meet did not include said D/Q. (That race may have put me on the Legion team in '06, shhh, I said nothing).



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