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Aug 13, 2012 - ASEA Masters Shine at Canadian/NCCWMA Championships

Saint John NB-  It was overcast, slight drizzle and sometimes foggy, but ASEA's Masters athletes stuck it out to deliver stellar peformances across the age and event spectrum!

Steve Leblanc representing the Men in the 40-44 age category finished with 1877 points in the Pentathlon highliting his very first masters competiton experience with a Gold Medal performance in both Canadian and North American/Carribean divisions. 

David Quigley competing in the 70-74 age category at the 5000M Race Walk,  finished a strong 3rd earning him a bronze in both categories as well. it is to note that Marcel Jobin of Canada and former Olympic athlete who had competed in Munich (1972), Montreal (1976)  4th place, Los Angeles (1984) won the Canadian Gold and NCCWMA in the same division.

Todd Power for his efforts, captured a Gold (Canadian) and Silver (NCCWMA) in the men's 45-49 10 km road race on the very hilly course in a time of 38:09.00.  And once again dominated his category winning the Canadian Gold and Silver NCCWMA at the 10000M in an impressive time of 38:00.77.

Edna Thibodeau , the oldest ASEA masters athlete for her part, captured no less than 4 medals , 3 Gold and 1 Silver in the 85-89 age category.  Edna threw a distance of 3.20M to earn her the Canadian and NCCWMA Gold and ran a 47.06 sec 100M to earn her Gold (Canadian) and Silver (NCCWMA). 

Carol Lepage ran a strong 1500M race hitting the tape in a very fast time of 4:24.78 in the men's 40-44 category, capturing the Gold for Canada and a Silver for the NCCWMA.  He also was able to secure a Silver in both the Canadian and NCCWMA categories in the men's 10 km Road race. 

Paul Thibodeau competing in the men's 45-49 category earned a Silver for both Canadian and NCCWMA categories in the 5000M and a Canadian Bronze in the 10000M races.




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